Acetic Anhydride

Acetic Anhydride, we also call it ethanoyl ethanoate, the molecular formula is C4H6O3, it is liquid with colorless, volatile, strong stimulated smell and causticity. Our acetic anhydride has independent IPR. It is produced by carbonyl reaction process with methyl acetate (The by product in producing PVA) and carbon monoxide, comparing with other manufacturer which use carbonyl synthesis process, we reduce the esterification reaction, the process line is shorter, the cost is more fugal. And achieving the upstream and downstream prducts intergrated and optimization, conform the industrial chain. The capacity of acetic anhydride is 50000 tons/year, the quality is stable. And carbonyl synthesis process with the advantages of short process, good quality, short depletion, little "three wastes", the process is on behalf of the advanced level of acetic anhydride.