Redispersible Emulsion Powder

The Redispersible Emulsion Powder is a kind of new building material produced by the method of spray drying which is imported by Niro company in Denmark. The process adopted PLO and DOS control system. As igh flexbility, high weather resisitance and high adhesion which can enhance the flexibility bending strength of building materials effective to prevent cracking. Chinese annual production capacity is 40000 tons, now our company is one of the largest manufacturing enterpeises of the redispersible powder.


WWJF-8010(V), WWJF-8020(V/E), WWJF-8030(V/B), WWJF-8040(V/B/E), WWJF-8050(P/E), WWJF-6010(P/E)


White powder, no lumps